Steve Jones catches up with Chris Ball, Seb Kemp and Darren Kinnaird in Whistler to introduce the 5th round of the Enduro World Series.

Think of Whistler and you may well think of groomed berms, the A-Line and jumps that make you feel like a pro, but the story of Whistler runs deeper.  Forces of both nature and man have come together in British Colombia to produce one of the hardest days of racing we are likely to see all series.

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Trails are so Badass I can't stop riding

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Whistler @World_Enduro #cwxenduro is not messing around. Just rode stages 1-4 #smoked #whoa #BeerMe


The day is going to be big, with 4 of the 5 stages taking place away from Whistler village leaving riders open to the considerable elements of the mountains. Both weather and terrain will play a part. According to the weather forecast there is a chance of rain and thunder showers all developing in mid teen temperatures. The stages move far and away from any groomed trails and really explore the surrounding areas of Whistler which so far seem to be going down well.

Check out the intro video and see what is happening here in Whistler, Seb Kemp puts his expectations into one sentence.

It's going to be a big, long, horrible, brutal day.