What happened was, Steve Jones from Dirt dropped into see Mojo Suspension man Chris Porter to get a set of forks serviced. These two know each other from way back and don't half harp on a lot when ever they meet up.

So there they were in the Mojo back room having a heated harp about each others bike set up. Jones with his 29er 140mm Stumpjumper Evo and Porter with his 26" 160/140mm Mondraker Foxy XR. Both quite different bikes yet with one thing in common. The bikes both fitted them perfectly. The Foxy XR with it's long front centre and the 29er with its large wheels and large frame. Big blokes need big bikes.

Thinking that this conversation would be interesting to record, I sprinted out to the van grabbed the Dirt mic and plugged it into a camera phone and asked the pair of them "...err can you repeat that again please?"

So what we've got above is a lo-fi video with some very interesting talking points, long downtubes, shorter stems, weight transfer, wheelbases and some waffle, oh and a courier who comes in just as the pair are tackling 650b bikes, so we may have to do a part two or three.

Have a watch and let us know in the comments what you think?

Jones and Porter harping on about angles, wheels, numbers and sizes.
Steve Jones Stumpjumper Evo 29er.
Chris Porter's 160mm/140mm 26" Mondraker Foxy XR
Jones and Porter still talking in the carpark.