What an epic end to an epic season! After qualifying on Friday there were only 4 points separating Gee Atherton and Greg Minnaar, final positions in the race made no difference with the fastest of the two taking home the title. Many people speculated that it was a perfect chance for an outsider to take advantage and sneak a win, and this was almost the case for Steve Peat. Peaty has been struggling to make it to the podium all year but he's peaking just in time for World Champs next weekend and this showed with a win in qualifying and 1.5 second lead at the second split. Unfortunately peaty proved to be too speedy for his own good and threw it away, crashing as he came into the finish area. In the end it was Gee who managed that extra pedal stroke worth the valuable 0.37secs that won him the race and his first series overall title.

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