Okay, here's the score. It's half past eleven on Wednesday night, me, Ralph Jones and Jake the Tea boy are stuck in a layby in the van on the A82 heading towards Fort William. The A82 to Fort William is closed tonight (and possibly more nights) from 10pm to 6am at Tarbet which is why we are parked up on the on the side of the road getting ready for an uncomfortable nights sleep.

I have pinched some wifi from a farmhouse and got a message from Paul Roberts (the one who didn't have a dispute with a marshall) to tell me the DirtTV NPS Llangollen video is online.

My computer is having a spaz and won't let me watch it, so I'm taking a gamble and hoping it doesn't contain too much nudity or swearing and does contain mountain bikes.

So here it is then round 2 of the MSC/Decent Gear/NPS at Llangollen.

http://mpora.com/videos/YaNanBemW More Mountain Biking >>

Dirt TV NPS RD 2 Llangollen won by Brendan Fairclough