Okay, a lot of you are asking "what the blazers is going on with the design a dirt tee shirt competition?" Well, I'll tell you.

We had loads of entries which a lot of us liked, but the man who makes the final desicion, the Boss, Big Bearded Mike didn't actually like any of them. We tried to convince him just to pick one and be done with it, but he stuck to his guns and said: "Nope, tell them to try again"

So that's the situation. The competition is being relaunched. Don't feel to bad if you've already submitted an entry, why not try again?

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Oh...and one thing we forgot...anybody can enter and win...but we can only take people from mainland UK down to howies hq...so you could live in Fiji and win the competition and get your tee printed but we're not going to come and pick you up in the car because you're too far away and would cost too much in diesel...sorry about that. Here's the gallery of those that didn't come up to the high standards set by Big Bearded Mike. Clickety here. Send entries to dirtshirtcomp@dirtmountainbike.com

Dirt tee shirt competition