For those of you that don't know, as well as the World Championships next weekend (Sept 5/6), its also the Masters World Champs this weekend, held in Praloup, France.

We've sent a team out there too, well it's not really a team, more a loose collection of slightly aging *cough* athletes.

Jon the Designer, Grant Robinson (Photographer), and Rod Fountain (Dirt South East correspondant) have taken the Dirt van, and will be blogging it up every day over on the blogs section.

After Jon's 55th placing at the Mountain of Hell, he's hoping for top 30 in his category and top 50 overall. Rod Fountain usually rides a hardtail to school (he's a history teacher!), and Grant Robinson used to be on the Kona Development Team in Canada. We've got some top class athletes....

Anyway, here's blog number one....

Tofu Barf and Zip Ties

24 and 1/2 hours of driving. 3 large amounts of Tofu barf. Two rancid feet and one driving blister from the Alps hairpins.

We are in Pra Loup for the Masters World Champs, first day of training today and designer Jon is talking tires, tucks and shaving his body. Rod Fountain is wondering how his first big ride on a full sus is going to go and I'm just hoping my feet stop smelling...maybe it's just the way God made me.

The track looks like a steep, fast and wide open affair, we'll stick up our track walk pictures later today and introduce the rest of the multinational and ambidextrous DIRT team.

Wish us luck and no betting on the results 'cause their fixed anyways...I'm gonna win.


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