Have you ever wondered if you could race a world cup?

After riding a downhill bike for the first time in Ireland just this winter with Ben Reid while Ben was training for the 2012 race season, Jordan Scott found he was getting a taste for it and had more than a bit of a natural talent on the bike. Jordan's comfort on two wheels was not surprising given he has stood on the podium at the under 23 motorbike Enduro world championships just a couple of years ago. Nevertheless, the huge challenge has been set to see if with only a few months of training this summer, coming from being a relative novice on a DH bike, Jordan could be ready to sit on the start line of a world cup.

This edit is intended as the first part of a short story following Jordan Scott as he travels with Ben through europe this month riding bikes at various resorts on the way in an attempt to get up to speed and stand a chance of qualifying to compete in Norway, (the 2012 DHI word cup final at the end of this year). Unfortunately this trip does not go entirely to plan but hey it looks like they have a lot of fun on the way.