Pra Loup at the end of August will resemble a Saga holiday camp.

It's the Masters World Championships and Dirt Magazine is sending a crack team of old goats out to France to fly the flag for wrinkled British racers for a feature in the mag.

This is where you come in. We know that you are fast, very fast...but can your Dad or Grandad ride a bike down a hill with out dislocating his hip, getting his slippers caught in the chain or doesn't mind missing the bingo for a week? If the answer is yes, yes and he doesn't even play bingo, then Dirt Magazine needs him.

The Details

We are missing two recruits, one in the 40-44 age category (that's age not waistband) and one in the 55-59 age category (again, that's age not maximum heart rate).

The two lucky pensioners team members will join our geriatric gungho heros and travel to Pra Loup in style in the back of a Barry's Transit van with as much Bovril as they can drink (frequent toilet stops).

This deluxe opportunity doesn't include any food, accomodation, race entry or petrol money, but as I say, the Bovril is plentiful (Horlicks is available on request).

If this sounds like a dream come true then contact as soon as possible.

This is how the team looks at the moment.

30-34: Grant Robinson,Jon Gregory

35-39: Rod Fountain

40-44: ?????

45-49: Chris Roberts

50-54: Paul Molloy

55-59: ?????

60+: Paul Braithwaite

More about the Masters Worlds here.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

This is a dream holiday, packed full of excitement and adventure, just ask any of our team from last year.

The Masters Worlds is coming soon and we need some old goats for the team