There she blows! The latest issue of Dirt should be sitting on the shelves of your local shop right now for you to pick up. We might not have eaten all the Turkey or sung Auld Lang Syne yet but January's issue of the mag should get you inspired to work of your Christmas overindulgence.

Dirt Issue 143 - Snap

As usual we have a few banger shots to kick things off and these from Sterling Lorence are no exception. Graham Aggasiz and Matty Miles, Kamloops BC.

Dirt 143 Spirit Walker Jerome Clementz

Cover star Jerome Clementz is interviewed by Steve Jones for this issue. He talks about everything from learning lines from Fabien Barel as a junior to what it takes to win the Enduro World Series. Having won the Mega Avalanche, Trans Provence and now the EWS is Jerome Clementz the best all round mountain biker in the world?

Dirt magazine Issue 143 - ShapeShifting - James McKnight

James McKnight takes a look at the changing face of alpine riding and the developments due in one of the most popular areas for riding in Europe. For better or worse changes are afoot and we are exploring more each season across the biggest peaks of our neighbours.

Dirt Issue 143 Polygon Collosus 2.0 Test

Although this bike differs from the steed that has been under Mick Hannah all season the Collosus from Polygon is given a shake down from Steve Jones, is the World Cup pedigree reflected in the £2645 version?

She is in the shops now so warm up the hardtail and have a spin down to the shop and pick her up!