Could this race be the new Megavalanche?

Dirt's Steve "Jonesy" Jones is out in California racing the Downieville classic. If you've watched the film "We just work here" you might be familiar with Downieville. It's low key, relaxed mountain bike festival, held in the town of Downieville, California.

Jonesy will be competing in the All-Mountain Class which involves two races a XC affair and a downhill race over two days all on the same bike, I think Jonesy has taken his Orange 5, and I think he has read the rules, he's probably read the bit where it says, "a pint glass filled with cold beer is free at the finish".

The organisers say "The All-Mountain is a true test of stamina, skill, character, equipment and threshold for pain. Riders should choose their weapons wisely; a bike that climbs efficiently, descends with precision, and can handle a high-speed beat down for 46 miles on the way to victory."

46 miles? Thats a hell of long way with a 25 kilo camera bag on your back, he'll have to get a shift on if he's going to beat Mark Weir, 7-time Downieville Downhill Champion and Jason Moeschler, 3-time All-Mountain Champion.

Stay tuned for the repo in Dirt.

Dirt goes to the Downieville Classic