The Dirt Fantasy League results have dropped and it's time to find out which racers gave you the best bang for your buck.

The Dirt fantasy league was dominated by three people this week. Aaron Gwin (515 points), Rachel Atherton (540 points) and Stevie Smith (435 points). Every team that finished in the top ten had them in, and just picking the three of them with no-one else scoring points was enough to get you 13th place.

Gwin and Atherton were obvious picks on the form of last season and they repaid their backers by delivering another brace of trophies. Stevie Smith's last season was disrupted by injury, so he was a risk, but, at a frankly bargain bucket price of £200,000, those who gambled on the 2013 world cup series winner were richly repaid.

Special mention should also go to Amaury Pierron (251 points), whose 5th place finish outshone his £150,000 valuation. However, his underwhelming qualifying made him less value for money than Smith.

under performers

The biggest disappointment for many of you will surely be Loic Bruni. He was valued the same as Aaron Gwin but delivered less than half the points due to his now infamous crash. Dean Lucas also took a nasty tumble which meant he only accrued five points on the weekend and Sam Dale failed to score following an injury picked up in practice

team of the week

This week's best team was held by imfasterthenyou, whose downhill knowledge clearly outshines his spelling. His team amassed 1,574 points thanks to Thomas Estaque, a French who grabbed 84 points through a 43rd place finish.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 16.44.24
Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 16.44.24

But could they have done any better? Well, after Atherton, Gwin and Smith they were left with £100,000 to spend on two riders. Thomas Estaque scored the highest of the £75,000 riders but had Imfasterthenyou swapped Matthew Beer for Gergoire Pazdziorko he could have bagged an extra 40 points. They were one pick off perfection though - we're seriously impressed!

Team of the week

Rachel Atherton - 540 points

Aaron Gwin - 515 points

Stevie Smith - 435 points

Thomas Estaque - 84 points

Gregoire Pazdziorko - 40 points

Total - 1,614 points

The next round of the League takes place at Cairns on Saturday (but don't forget that due to the time difference the race will likely be over by the time you wake up if you live in Europe!) so make sure you get your transfers in before then. If you've not signed up for the Dirt Fantasy League yet, don't worry there's still time and you can still win some spot prizes. The spot prize for Cairns will be a signed Atherton jersey. sign up now, here.

Signed Atherton Jersey
Signed Atherton Jersey

We've even set up a league for people who missed the first round that you can enter here.