The super exciting downhill World Cup round one saw an epic final in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa with Aaron Gwin taking the win.

But I know what you're asking...just who is winning the equally thrilling Dirt Fantasy league in association with Trek?

Who knows their race onions? Who was the master team tactician? Who spent their money wisely? Who got the most questions wrong? Who was the weakest link? (That last bit was actually robbed from Anne Robinson, but you can see where I'm going.)


Who is leading the race to win a brand spanking new Trek Session 8?

Well I can tell you that out in front we have Mike Davis and his team DKD on 747 points.

Mike's team of Aaron Gwin, Tracy Moseley, Fabien Barel, Duncan Riffle and Filip Polc performed super well and is sitting pretty on top of the table.

Log on to to see how your team is doing!

In second we've got ex World Cup star Glyn O'Brien and somebody called Tiago Pinho in 3rd. The game is ON!!!

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