The all singing all dancing and a little bit of partying 2011 Dirt Fantasy Downhill will be going live very very soon indeed so get ready!!!

I've had a sneaky peak at it and my god it looks good. We've also got some fantastic prizes too. More about them later.

Just to get you primed and ready for lift off here is the list of riders for you to choose your team.

Once the Dirt Fantasy League is live you will be able to select and enter your team automatically and also create mini leagues with your friends and lots of other exciting things too!

Here are the basic rules:

  • Team budget will be £675,000
  • Teams to consist of 4 male riders and 1 female rider
  • You will be allowed to make changes to your team during the season
  • As a bonus, you can select one member of your team to race the World Champs

So, to get you prepared have a look at the list below and jot down your team on a bit of paper then sit back and wait for the super duper grand launch. It's going to be good!!!

[table id=32 /]