We've had a shed load of entries for our Fantasy Downhill competition. Check below for teams R to Z. If yours isn't there then beam it in again.

Shirley and her mate have been up all night entering the teams, then spent the day processing the data.

Here's a few key points Shirl asked me to mention:

1. The closing date will be 23.59 on Thursday 9th April.

2. Your team must cost NO more than £500,000 and consist of THREE men and ONE woman. (We've had teams submitted containing four women costing £875,000...wrong, wrong, wrong.)

3. Full list of teams will be posted on Friday 10th April.

4. There will be a spot prize of a free subscription to Dirt for the 1000th team entry.

5. Big prizes will be announced shortly.

Check here for the rules and rider lists etc.

Teams R to Z

Rab Elliott Gravity Fed Junkies

Rachel Allen Just Ride

Rachel Allen Downhill Allies

Rachel Allen Some Chippy

Rachel Allen The B'Harts

Rave Racer Rave Racing

Reg Langford Cleaning Up Downhill

Rich Doyle My Couch Pulls Out But I Don't

Richard Southern Extreme Dream Team

Richard Abraham Wind em up and watch em Go

Richard Byrne Young Guns

Richard Gardiner Shake&Bake 2009

Richard Hall TeamEuro

Richard Kelly Team Super Awesome

Richard Kelly DogDig

Richard Powell Team Dirtbike Track Thrasher

Richard Scott Ratz's

Richie Rowland Team Pete Drew is a Bender

Rob (Orpheus) Rob Parkin Factory racing

Rob Maizonnier Team Mez

Rob Midgley Team Super Great

Rob Woolcock The Pink Lady Boyz

Robbie Wightman Team Good

Robert Beckerson Team Ripfire

Robert Howson You Never Know

Robert Hunt Rob's Downhill Team

Robert Shaw

Roberto Nania The Company

Rodrigo Vargas Team Pythagoric Marmot

Roger Wardell Top Speed

Ronald Mostert Dirty Hill racing team

Ronan Stafford Team Sloth

Rory Guess Eurozzy

Ross Deas Seatsniffers09

Ross McLeavey Durham's Extreme Trout Fishing Team sponsored by Daiwa

Ross Parkinson Parkies Power Four

Rufus Day Team Cedar Vets / Ruddle Took

Rui Alexandre Fast Guns Team

Russell Dunkley Armchair All Stars

Russell Dunkley Armchair Allstars

Sam Amouroux Team P2R

Sam Dale The Rockin Slammers

Sam Davies Sam's Nippers

Sam Foster My Wife's Team

Sam H The Great British

Sam Herd Factory Trek

Sam Needham Crispy Melosh Racing

Sam Standen 5star Racing

Sami Inkinen Team Ahma racing

Sami Poutiainen Team Poutiainen

Samo Wright Four Aces

Samuel Pierre Samwell Nicolai's Dream Team

Sander Siebring Team Asscrack

Sandy Plenty Plenty's Pinners

Sarah Jane Team Buttplug

Scott Cartwright Eggraphy

Scott Leslie The Glasgow Syndicate

Scott Macpherson Scott Mapherson

Scott Zecchin Team Zecchin

Scout Gregory IOWRider

Sean Harley Team World Travellers

Sean Osborne Devinciozzy

Seb Morrell Berries and Cream

Sebastian Schroedus 4pack

Shaun Kroon The Devil's Rejects

Shaun Lockie Ruthless and Toothless

Shaun McGrath Shauns Pinners

Simon Brealey Team Tutle Head

Simon Holguin Fluffydigger Racing

Simon Langley Cheltenhamshire

Simon Mowat Team ELI

Simon Pope Mammoths Men

Simon Smith Team Newskool

Simon wallace DHSpike 74

Simon Ward Pinned!

Simone Niccioli Masterplan DH

Simone Rosy Maremoto Team

Smith Smith Pen 15

SP Wilkins Oracular Spectacular

Srdjan Bakovic Partizan Racing

Stacy Kohut >>>100

Dirt Fantasy Downhill Update 3