Whoa, World Cup Downhill round #5 results from Maribor Slovenia certainly shook things up at the top of the Dirt Fantasy Downhill League table. With Fabien Barel winning, Gee crashing, Peaty puncturing and Sabrina Jonnier winning the womens and Tracy Mosely crashing the results have all changed.

Full results on the World Cup Fantasy League page.

We've got a four way tie going on for the leaders jersey.

1 2,591 RATT Tech Nathon Sharratt

2 2,591 Orange Claw Hammer Nick Lewis

3 2,591 Team Pants cole0175

4 2,591 crazychain racing team Paolo Miranda

Nathon Sharratt's RATT Tech team is, Minnaar, Vazquez, Hart, Jonnier

1165 198 Team Therapy Sessions Ben Powles

Ben Poweles is currently dead last and may possibly be looking for a bit of therapy himself.

The score on the doors after round #5 at Maribor Slovenia