Eagle eyed super sleuth Grant Robinson just beamed me over this exclusive DMR news. Stay tuned for more info.

Not sure whether we are in our place to stick this up but it looks to good to be true!

We've just been sent this picture of a bike...a DMR frame with a rear shock??

I've just been on the phone with the design half of DMR Damian Mason to get the lowdown, and he wasn't very forthcoming.

"It's the very first one, I knew we shouldn't have put the stickers on it...we wanted to keep it quiet whilst it's being tested."

Are there any details you can give us about it??

"Not really, not yet, it's over in Europe being tested and once we get more feedback on it we'll decide where we go with it."

Is it being tested to then go into production?

"Don't know, but if it works then I don't see why not."

We'll try to get some more pictures and keep you posted!

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