If you’ve got a bike with a standard 1 1/8" headtube and dream of being able to slacken it off then read on...



Another word from Cane Creek R&D Director Josh Coaplen:

While reading some of the comments, I noticed that some of you want AngleSet for 44|44 headtubes (1-1/8" ZeroStack, which has a 44mm upper bore, and a 44mm lower bore). Cane Creek has already developed this and it will be available April 1st. We’re doing 0.5deg change and 1deg change in this configuration. While this is not what Ed is campaigning for, it will meet the needs for some of you…



Here's what Cane Creek R&D Director Josh Coaplen told us in the comments:

"To all who wrote in about the 1-1/8" AngleSet, i.e. “EdSet" – wow. Great response and we (Cane Creek) have heard you. I personally have read every comment (the ones accusing us of form over function hit me extra hard!). As a product that has never been tested, we have a lot of work to do before we can commit, but we have heard you and we know you want it. We’ll update this thread if we can make it happen. Josh Coaplen, Director R&D, Cane Creek Cycling Components"



Right then…a kind of response from Cane Creek…

Basically they’re not the kind of company that says ‘yes’ without meaning it and so until they’ve worked out all the finer details (for example their machines are already running at almost full capacity making their other products) we won’t have a definite answer, but it’s looking very good to say the least. Like any sensible company they want to make products that riders want, and this has shown to them without a shadow of a doubt that this is a product that we want. Apparently their phone has been ringing like mad as a result of this, and some of the people making those calls have been from big (to say the least) players in the industry. So, i know we haven’t got a definite yes yet, but i would be amazed if we don’t see this product in shops in the near future.

So, a big thanks to everyone who commented on this, people power rocks!

Maybe we should start a new thing in the forums where if you’ve got an idea for a product that you’d love you write a post describing it, and then if others think the same they can support it…and then maybe someone might produce it?


Angleset configuration confuses the bejusus out of me so here's technical guru Ed@Dirt with some exciting news, but we need your help...

Yeah like us you probably thought that it was impossible to slacken a 1 1/8" headtube, but we’ve just been on the phone to the head of R&D at Cane Creek and it turns out that it isn’t, one even exists! The bad news...they’ve currently got no plans to produce it.

Why? Cos they’re worried it looks a bit funny. Not much of a reason I reckon, especially cos the only reason why it looks a bit strange is because the cups need to be a bit larger than a standard headset in order to accommodate those fancy swivel bearings that make an Angleset happen.

Personally I think that’s a small price to pay for being able to ‘rescue’ an old frame (or even a new one for that matter) that’d be perfectly good if you could just slacken it off a bit, especially when you consider that many frames have such thick headtubes that you’d barely notice it anyway.

So, the question is do you agree with me, and would you love them to start making them? If so let us know in the comments below because I was told that if I could show that 100 people would want one then they’ll put them into production! Power to the people and all that.

Oh yeah, and if you’re wondering how they’ve managed to do such trickery in such a confined space then it turns out that it’s actually quite simple. Rather have the angle adjustment cup at just one end like the current ones this 1 1/8" version would have them both top and bottom.

Basically a bit at each end equates to the same as a lot at one end. Actually 1 degree to be precise, but we reckon that’s easily enough to transform many a bike.

Let the revolution begin...