Dirt Magazine's Steve Jones is off on a Euro road trip and hitching a lift with The Dazzler Express.

The bus leaves Monmouth at midnight tonight for a ten day European road trip with a whole bunch of trouble on board. Gone are 'stag-nights', we live in an era of multi-week celebrations. Rob Breakwell was Dirt's team rider a couple of years ago and in a months time he is getting married to Sarah. The boys including Rowan Sorrell, Nicky Whiles, Shaun Bevan and the Monmouth locals Jonny Everett and best man Sam Jones have treated him to a forty foot coach with all the trimmings so to speak.

The bus leaves and Sram have sent some last minute spares. from Germany

The bus aims to get to Geneva in a day's time and Dirt's Jones will be bringing you an update on the proceedings. Ten days is a long time in an old school bus with ten blokes and a bag load of best Monmouthshire tea bags so Jones will be dumped off in Evian to catch up with 2011 Trek press camp before heading to Formula and then Marzocchi. From there he travels to Riviera Bike with James McKnight and finishes the trip with some interviews of the sports superstars Fabien Barel and Nicolas Vouilloz.

Quite where the bus will be by then is a bit of an unknown

Keep an eye on the sight for regular updates. Any questions you would like Jones to get to the bus or any other stop-off's including the interviews with Barel and Vouilloz just let us know in the comments below!


Spare Monarch, couple cranks, pair of forks...let's go.
Dazzler Express

Ding Ding, all aboard, the Dazzler Express leaves town at midnight tonight.


The happy coach trippers about to depart.


Rob "Dazzler" Breakwell hopping onboard.