Hurry up! You've only got two weeks left to get your Mr Whippy video edits uploaded for the Dirt Mr Whippy competition.

Here are the latest three entries in the Mr Whippy competition.

What is the Mr Whippy comp? Click here.

The winner will win this peach of a bike from

All you have to do is upload your whip video to and make sure you add “Whippy" as the tag. Easy.

You can check out all the Mr Whippy edits so far here.

Quite a funny, bonkers Mr Whippy dream edit from James Lamb. Must have cost him a fortune in 99s!

15 years old, Mariano Marí Marí doing some whips on the raving, large-ing party isle of Ibiza.

David Burnham with a Whip "at da trails."