The internet has been awash with news, photos and videos from the recent demolition of the infamous and legendary Post Office jumps in Aptos, California. Back on February 17th the bulldozers finally moved in and flattened the place.

Photographer Ian Collins has spent many hours and days over the last couple of months documenting the final death throes of this celebrated spot. He has also been working with us and Jamie Goldman on a magazine feature on Aptos (Dirt #157, out Feb 26th) and in the process he bagged the cover shot with a super cool image of Jeff ‘Herb’ Herbertson. He took along a ‘super sized’ copy of the final cover to do the ‘big reveal’ to a somewhat surprised Herb.

Also take a look at Ian’s amazing selection of photographs from the final few days, check out the slideshow right here and it's worth hitting full screen!