The enigma that is Gary Woodhouse from Curtis bikes phoned up yesterday to tell me about his team news.

I said "Gary, I'm super busy at the moment can you send me an email?"

He said "Billy, what's an email? I'm a welder I don't have a computer"

I said "Gary, can we swap jobs?"

Okay, riding dirt for Curtis will be: Matt Scott, Josh Slater and new guy Dan Pace.

Apparently Gary met Dan at Newport skate park. Gary was launching the quarter pipe from one direction, Big Dan launched it from the other side and...WHAM...they smashed into each other. Far from the punch up you might of imagined Gary signed Dan on the spot. Result.

Charlie Philips will be taking charge of the 4x duties.

While Joe Anchor will be hucking and downhilling.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

This is a Curtis bike.

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