Team CRC Intense team manager Nige Page gave us the low down, "The season has just finished and Ruaridh showed his potential in qualifying at the final round of the World Cup series last week in Schladming placing 10th which as a first year senior with the pressure of coming off his Junior World Championship Gold last year is pretty impressive. Ruaridh had his knee surgery this week as soon as we got home and called me up from the hospital to tell me everything had gone well. We are looking forward to Ruaridh being fully fit and ready to show us all what he is capable of next season."


Here's what Ruaridh had to say, "I injured my knee at the end of October 2007 whilst riding downhill at my local track. I immediately went to hospital and was appointed to a physio, after being told my knee was just bruised i continued to ride only for the knee to give way a few weeks later. I then was booked in for an MRI scan and had to wait nearly 2 months for my results to come through. In mid February i found out the full extent of the damage: Snapped anterior cruciate ligament, torn medial ligament, damaged cartilage and severe bone bruising.

As this was mid February i had a month and a half of solid physio to try and get my knee ready for the 2008 season and ride with a motocross style brace to try and support it. As time went on my knee became stronger and i was able to ride XC. My brace came the day before the team left for California giving me no time on my downhill bike before the season started. After struggling throughout the year, i finally had my knee reconstruction on Wednesday the 17th of September. The operation was a success. (although due to my knee popping out when riding the damage was increased) I now have another long programme of physio ahead before i can ride DH, but should be able to start training on a road bike bike by November. I'm pretty motivated for next year now. I'll have a good winters training behind me and won't have to worry about protecting my knee when i ride."


Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

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