A good jump line is harder to find than a football fan without a hangover in Leicester this morning - finding a legal one is even harder.

That's why we were excited to see this plan for a new line near Halifax, Yorkshire that just needs a crowd funding injection to help it come to life.

Following the success of Dirt Factory, the plans are to re-build the jumps in Wellholme Park that have fallen into disrepair. The builders are hoping to achieve a minimum of a line of double wide jumps including two bermed corners. This will comprise of a start ramp followed by three jumps, a left hand berm and three more jumps, a right hand berm and possibly two or three more jumps.

The plans are all squared off with the council and the building will be done by the Singletraction volunteer group who also build at Stainburn and Dalby Forest. There's just one problem, they need a bit of money first.

The initial target for the crowdfunding was £1,000, which has already been smashed, and now there is a stretch target of £2,500 that could possibly allow for a pump track to be built too. Check out the crowdfunding page here for all the info.