We asked Renners (who does MPORA) what his favourite products are. Here's what he said. Let us know what you think of these products below...


Riding down a hill is about going as fast as you possibly can while making it look like you’re not really trying. Unfortunately, for the majority of runs I find myself getting loose as a goat on ice or chewing on a tree. If it weren’t for a decent pair of brakes, I’d probably be too broken to get my leg over anything these days.

Avid’s Elixir 5’s have been instrumental in saving my scrawny ass on more than one occassion, both while winding irresponsibly through rush hour traffic in the heart of London and mucking about on the North Down’s at the weekend. They’re on my commuter/XC bike (Charge Duster) at the moment but will be wanged onto the 4X bike as soon as my shoulder’s restored to its former (metal free) glory.

I was chatting to Billy about the old Juicy 5’s and we agreed their strength lies in the fact that once installed, you rarely ever notice them. They get the job done, need little adjustment and just work. The same can be said for the Elixir’s. In terms of looks and feel though, the Elixir’s are definitely a step forward. It say’s in the blurb that you get POWER RESERVE GEOMETRY™ and a TRI-ALIGN™ / TWO-PIECE CALIPER POSITIONING SYSTEM™, which might be why they’re so good, or it might just be marketing schpiel. Whatever, these are currently my favourite stoppers.

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In mountain biking it always feels like each and every brand are trying to develop a component for each and every type of riding, when really we’d be happy with just the one. Which is why I like Shimano’s XT cranks. They’re built light for XC/All Mountain but work pretty damn well as a 4X or DH crank. I’m not the smoothest of riders and I’ve given mine a fair few beats over the last year and it seems to have held up pretty good. To be fair, it’s actually held up really good, and it’s noticably lightened my hardtail, having previously run the old Saints. I’m not totally sold on the appearance, especially when compared to the sleak looking new Saints, but when I’m trudging to the top of the hill for another run, I couldn’t give a monkeys.

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I’ve been using these bad boys for nearly four years now, sending them for a check up at TFTuned just the once. They’ve raced 4X and Downhill, slammed into landings, been ridden sideways on drift tracks and they’re going as good as ever, albeit with a small amount of leakage. Having spoken to a few others it seems this isn’t uncommon. It’s probably worth getting this checked if it’s happening to you. I chose not to and seem to have gotten away with it, so far.

While heavier than the likes of Rebas and Fox 831s they feel spot on, whether hooning down the local dual slalom or chugging about in the hills. Dirt designer Greggers has been riding PIKES on his Foes 4X for the last few months and loves it, sending them over the jam line at Chicksands and dodging the local cottaging brigade at the infamous Bumming Woods. If that’s not a recommendation for a purchase, I don’t know what is.

Having said all this, I am looking at buying something a bit lighter now, but I won’t be selling the PIKES, they’re for keeps and will no doubt be back out of the shed the next time I decide to take on anything more gnarly than a 4X track.

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