This review may seem slightly biased. Not because I’m receiving any type of back hander from 5.10 but because I haven’t actually worn any other shoe since I bought my 5.10 Impact Highs a few years back. To be completely honest, I’ve worn them so much they absolutely stink and I’ve started keeping them in the shed (as opposed to the car) in between rides because it got to the point where my mates wouldn’t get in the car with me.

So what of the shoe itself? It’s got that sticky rubber stuff on the sole that grips like a Nun’s chuff which, coupled with Easton pedals, played a large part in dragging me away from my SPD fetish. For those of you out there that have been thinking of moving over to flats but can’t get over the fear of your feet bouncing free and gay all over the place, the 5.10s are the perfect remedy simply because they won’t let your feet bounce all over the place. Such is the grip on these puppies you’ll have to lift your feet off the pedals to reposition them. No slip and slide here then.

In terms of comfort, provided you get the correct size, they’re pretty much spot on which plays no small part in the confidence inspiring feel of 5.10s. Apparently you can also now choose between a bunch of different styles and the like and they even do a running shoe, mental!

For more info on sizing and the like click the image below (which is almost life size). And if anyone from 5.10 is reading this I’m a size 10. See, told you I’m not on the blag.

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