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Every cover of Dirt magazine from 2013

Another 12 issues of the world's best bike magazine have flown from our office doors and we thought we'd give you lot the chance to vote for your favourite cover and be in with a chance of winning a subscription for 2014. Well it is Christmas!

So it's pretty simple, here are all the mag covers from 2013, have a brew, flick through the year of Dirt covers and then bang a vote in at the end. We will power up the Dirt tombola and pull a winner out in January.

[part title="#131 Cover Star Dan Atherton"]

Dan Atherton January cover of Dirt Magazine

In order to get this high you have to be a master of 'flow'. Dan Atherton knows how to read terrain and how to use the ground to generate power. Perfection

Photo: Steve Jones

[part title="#132 Cover Star Myles Rockwell"]

Myles Rockwell January cover of Dirt Magazine

What were you doing in the year 2000? Myles Rockwell was winning the Downhill World Championships in Sierra Nevada, Spain. Rockwell's story is a classic from the sport. He had the titles and fame but threw it all away. After a term in jail he started back on the long journey of life, this time outside of cycling. Now a father (of two), in 2012 he found himself working closely with the Trek World Racing team, and most noticeably World Cup Champion Aaron Gwin. It is a great story.

Photo: Malcolm Fearon/BlissImages

[part title="#133 Cover Stars Garett Buehler and Linden Feniak"]

Garett Buehler and Linden Feniak March cover of Dirt Magazine

Garett Buehler and Linden Feniak rip the House Trail at Retallack Lodge, British Columbia, Canada on a dusty hot summer day (remember those?) Retallack is known as one of the best cat skiing operations in the world and attracts skiers and snowboarders from all around the globe. Now this paradise welcomes mountain biking.

Photo: Matthias Fredriksson

[part title="#134 Cover Star Blake Samson"]

Blake Samson April Cover Dirt Magazine

Not quite the Isle of Wight "It's always satisfying smashing a natural sculpted berm in the wilderness" Blake Samson hits it up for Simon Nieborak.

Photo: Simon Nieborak

[part title="#135 Cover Star Danny Hart"]

Danny Hart May cover Dirt Magazine

One of the best whippers out there Danny Hart throws it sideways for the cover of May's Dirt.

Photo: Steve Jones

[part title="#136 Cover Star Mike Hopkins"]

Mike Hopkins Cover Dirt Magazine June

OK, so we had a whip on the cover of the last issue but when we saw this shot we couldn't say no. Photographer Sven Martin captures Mike Hopkins at the 2013 Queenstown Bike Festival, New Zealand, getting sideways and stylish. A banger for sure.

Photo: Sven Martin

[part title="#137 Cover Star Nico Vink"]

Nico Vink Cover Dirt Magazine July

It's often the simple things in life that are the key to happiness. For Nico Vink the ket clearly lies between two wheels and the simplicity of 'just riding' as he puts it. Whether you can call Nico's riding, 'just riding' is a question we'd argue - especially when a man so down to earth can quite evidently lay it so sideways, so high in the sky and no doubt be grinning from ear to ear in the process.

Photo: Sam Needham

[part title="#138 Cover Star Troy Brosnan"]

Troy Brosnan Cover Dirt Magazine August

It could have been any number of people...but why not Troy Brosnan? I think this shot pretty much epitomises what racing at the highest level is all about, pinned - and on it...the sharp end of the sport. This is the infamous last (OK second to last) corner at the Val Di Sole World Cup track. Brosnan ended up on the podium in fifth place, which is a great result for the youngster.

Photo: Sven Martin

[part title="#139 Cover Star Dan Atherton"]

Dan Atherton cover Dirt Magazine

Dan Atherton, high above Alp d'Huez on his way to third place at this year's Megavalanche. Dan is still looking for his first big enduro win of the year, but a dislocated shoulder at the Mountain of Hell one week after this photo was taken has put an end to his racing for a while.

Photo: Sven Martin

[part title="#140 Cover Star Greg Minnaar"]

Greg Minnaar cover Dirt Magazine October

Under pressure. I'm sure Greg Minnaar wasn't as cool as a cucumber before his World Champs run, but he held it together to produce a near perfect performance. He was pushed hard but the result was never in doubt...or was it?

Photo: Sven Martin

[part title="#141 Cover Star Steve Smith"]

Steve Smith cover Dirt Magazine November

On a roll. Back to back wins at the last two rounds of this years World Cup series gave Canadian Steve Smith the overall win in one of the most closely fought title chases we have ever seen.

Photo: Laurence Crossman-Emms

[part title="#142 Cover Star Sam Dale"]

Sam Dale cover Dirt Magazine December

Laurence Crossman-Emms slideshow edit for team Saracen's Run to the Hills entry was pretty amazing. Cleverly thought out, perfectly executed, it had so many elements all squeezed into five days of riding. They were worthy winners.

Photo: Laurence Crossman-Emms

[part title="Now tell us your favourite"]

All you need to do now is pick your favourite from the the covers below and wang a vote in the competition portal!

Every cover of Dirt magazine from 2013
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