Here's a great opportunity for a talented young female rider to go on tour with Scotland’s Cycle Stunt Team, the Clan, and if I've read the press release right...earn yourself £3000 for three weeks work! Bonza! That'll surely help with the student loan.

A competition was launched today to find a female stunt cyclist to join Scotland’s Cycle Stunt Team, ‘The Clan’ on tour in May.

The stars of Scotland’s cycling community have appeared to over 100,000 people live in the flesh, over 1 million on television and over 30 million with their crazy online videos, and now they are looking for a female rider to join their ranks this year on a tour of events and schools in Scotland.


The Clan team were formed four years ago by youtube sensation Danny Macaskill who has since gone on to become one of the most famous cyclists in the world. Since releasing his videos on youtube, Danny has become a globe-trotting celebrity.

The team have always had female members from the start, and indeed the very first, Lynne Aitchison, is judging the competition to find the next female star in stunt cycling. Lynne, who organises the annual women-only ‘Air Maiden’ mountain biking competition said: “I’ve been involved in The Clan and promoting stunt cycling for women since 2008. The shows are a great way of showing girls that cycling isn’t just for boys it’s great for their self-confidence and even helps give them independence."

Clan manager Iain Withers said: “Having female riders in the team has always been important to us to make sure we inspire young girls as well as boys into cycling as a fun activity. It can be quite a challenge to find female stunt cyclists as relatively few are involved in the extreme side of the sport relative to males. Luckily for us we have had great female role-models involved in the team each year and now we need a new one!"

To enter the competition you must be female, a BMX or Mountain Bike rider and available from 13th May until 3rd June 2011. The prize includes training, accommodation and food on tour and a £3000 fee. For an entry form, please contact Clan manager Iain Withers at