Round one of the 2013 Saracen British Downhill Series kicks/boots/launches off this weekend, April 13/14th at Combe Sydenham in cider drinking Somerset.

The first big race of the season featuring a ton of World Cup stars will show who has been putting the effort and graft in over the Winter months and who has been on the pies.

Marc Beaumont took the Elite win last year, can he do it again? Australian legend Sam Hill is making his BDS debut, is he pie free?

The Manon Carpenter beat Rachel Atherton by less than 1sec at C-Syd in 2012, I reckon it's going to be close again this weekend. Tahnee Seagrave and Jess Stone are in the mix too. Do they like a pasty?

Has the recent horse meat fiasco put the riders off the fatty baked pastry treats from Pukka, Gingsters, Greggs and sent them to the local gym instead?

We'll all find out this Sunday afternoon!

Oh, and we'll be LIVE streaming the event right here on Dirt on Sunday. Full coverage of all the racing from Juveniles to Elites, with full commentary from Toby Parodi.

Live Stream Schedule:

11:00-12:00 Pit walk, talking to teams and riders about stratagies and technical info.


Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 09.18.53
Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 09.18.53

Location for your Satellite Navigation Systems or AA Road Maps or if you have to stop and ask someone: Combe Sydenham Country Park, Taunton, TA4 4JG

Live Streaming: If you can't make it along to the Combe then don't worry, we will be showing the LIVE stream right here on Dirt.

Full start list:

Last years results (2012):


Elite Men:

1/ Marc Beaumont 2:25.976

2/ Josh Bryceland 2:28.902

3/ Brendan Fairclough 2:30.035

Elite Women:

1/ Manon Carpenter 2:51.960

2/ Rachel Atherton 2:52.594

3/ Jess Stone 3:03.585

Click Roots and Rain for the full monty.

Last years Combe Syd BDS highlights from Gee Milner.

Chit Chat from the winners enclosure.


Here's the results from 2002 from Dirt issue #34. Steve Peat whooped everyone. Gee Atherton and Marc Beaumont were duking it out in the Juniors. Rachel Atherton rules the Junior women. Brendan Fairclough was winning the Juvenilles and Dirt Magazines Steve Jones went round the road gap and still won Masters!

More info over at the Saracen BDS site:

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