Word in from The Collective crew...the Anthology...

Including behind the scenes stuff, epic shots, highlights and more. Get it on your Christmas list:


While many of you have probably assumed that The Collective must have fallen off a skinny ladder bridge deep in the North Shore mountains, bumped its head on a large old growth stump and proceeded to decay into the moist, dark forest only to be entombed in a dank layer of green moss, I am pleased to announce that The Collective lives.

Today we’d like to announce to our media friends the unveiling of our new project, The Collective Anthology. The Anthology is a compilation of the entire library of work by The Collective, including all three films (The Collective, Roam, and Seasons) with all bonus features, plus a fourth disc with previously unreleased material, including:

*Forest for the Tree: A 30 minute documentary about The Collective and the making of the films

*Mining for Nugs: A short film about acclaimed mountain bike photographer Sterling Lorence

*Action Remix and Mellow Remix: Highlight reels of some of the best footage from all the films

The Collective Anthology is beautifully wrapped in a Limited Edition Steelcase package and comes with a 26 page mini-book of Sterling Lorence photos from the years in the field, a die cut tree logo sticker, free music downloads, and for a limited time also comes with a copy of Seasons on Blu-Ray.


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