We've swamped you with World Cup news these past couple of days, so here's something different. A bit of trail centre news from Coed-y-Brenin.

I'll own up now and tell you that I've never been to Coedy but I reckon I'm going to check it out soon because Big Mike reckons it's ace and says there's tons of other riding to do while you're up in that North Wales-ish area.

They've added a new section called "Falseteeth" which contains something called "The Cavity" which they say is "the biggest technical trail feature in the Forestry Commission Wales-managed forest" basically it sounds like "a blumin' big hole in the ground" but I'm up for a slice of that.

Anybody been up there recently and checked it out? All the info on where it is and how to get there is here.

Here's the official word from the woods:

Falseteeth adds bite to Coed-y-Brenin bike trails

An adrenaline-pumping new section of trail called Falseteeth has just added a lot more bite to the world-renowned mountain bike trails in Coed-y-Brenin Forest Park.

The 800-metre long section on the MBR trail, which meanders for 18 kilometres through Welsh Assembly Government woodlands, will stretch even the most experienced mountain biker's skills to the limit.


The highlight of Falseteeth is dropping into an intimidating hole called The Cavity, the biggest technical trail feature in the Forestry Commission Wales-managed forest.

Falseteeth - which took four months to rebuild after the original section reached the end of its life last year - got its name after the contractors who first built it some ten years ago found a set of false teeth by the side of the trail.

Andy Braund, Forestry Commission Wales's Mountain Bike Ranger at Coed-y-Brenin, said Falseteeth broke new ground in terms of the challenge the forest laid down to visitors.

"Falseteeth will be the new signature piece that people will want to ride again and again," said Andy.

"The design and build has produced a truly progressive trail where the features start off small but gradually get more challenging as you ride along, so you have time to prepare, warm up and gain confidence."

The MBR is a black grade trail designed for expert mountain bikers and is full of technical features such as fly-offs, table tops, hip jumps, burms, off-camber corners and tight and twisting turns.

The highlight of the new section is dropping into The Cavity and being spat out the other side, said Andy.

"On the approach you're just aware of this edge where the trail appears to end, and then there's just a big hole. You can't see a landing," he said.

"It's like rolling into a bowl where your speed increases as you drop in and carries you up and out the other side.

"Some riders may well be too intimidated by The Cavity and may choose to walk it. But they can aspire to some day ride it."

The Cavity has already had the seal of approval from French professional downhill mountain bike racer Cedric Braconnot.

Cedric, founder of Labyrinth Mountain Bikes, said, "I found Falseteeth very entertaining and enjoyable. It's suitable for amateurs who have some experience, but also for experts.

"Moreover, it was very cool! I really enjoyed all the trails and plan to come back."

There are seven mountain bike trails totalling 100 kilometres within Coed-y-Brenin Forest Park, offering cycling opportunities for all abilities.