Believe it or not film maker Clay Porter is actually in Australia right now still filming scenes for his upcoming movie "The Tipping Point" which will receive it's first World premiere in South Africa during the first world cup.

Featuring every round of the 2008 UCI World Cup Series as well as the World Championships and shot anywhere between The United States, Australia, Finland and Canada, The Tipping Point is the sport of downhill mountain bike racing documented. The Tipping Point is a group of characters that inspire, grow and dominate in a world they confidently claim as unique. The Tipping Point is downhill mountain bike racing. More Mountain Biking >>

The first of the World Premieres will be hosted quite fittingly in the home town of current World Cup Champion, Greg Minnaar, during the week of the World Cup season opener. Those attending the event need to take note; April 9th at 8pm at the Nu Metro Cascades Theatre, about 300m from the World Cup venue. Tickets are on sale in front of the theatre for 50 South African Rand each.

The 2nd World Premiere will be held in Monterey, California, during the week of the Sea Otter Classic, on April 17th at 8pm. Information on how tickets can be ordered, and the confirmed venue, will be posted on the web site in the coming days. Coming soon will be information on how to host one of the Regional Premieres which are always popular. More infomation on the Tipping Point webber here.

A video teaser from filmmaker Clay Porter about his film The Tipping Point which documents the 2008 world cup downhill mountain bike series