Juliet Elliott has just joined Chargebikes. She is a fanatical bike rider from London, who is also a fantastic snowboarder (Ex Pro!), climber and skateboarder. And I reckon she's a hottie too.

Oh no! I've just remembered that the Shrewsbury Trouser Snake aka Cunny is also on Chargebikes. Quick somebody warn Juliet before it all ends in tears!!!!

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Juilet wrote in an email, "I've always ridden bikes, but it was when I converted an old sixties frame to fixed that my obsession grew out of control. I stripped an abandoned bike and built it up with bits I'd begged and borrowed, learning the mechanics of what I was doing via google. I have now amassed a large collection of tools and parts, which are all crammed in the kitchen of my tiny flat in London. Actually, I have bikes in the bedroom too. When I hang out with my female friends, its like an episode of 'Fixed In The City'. It must be dull for some people that we are constantly talking about toe straps, gear inches and other bike stuff."

Juliet Elliott has just joined Chargebikes