Are you a London wine bar trendy? Or spend a lot of time down the oval? Well this could be for you. Personally I'd spend the money on a lovely hardtail, still there's allsorts of folk out there. Check out Charge

"The first one of two new Plug bikes we are adding to the range. The frame and forks (and geometry) is identical to the standard Plug. The new Plug "racer" has deep section rims and drop bars. Dsc_0002_2 As with all Plugs the brakes and cables are removable along with the stainless steel cable clips. The rear wheel features a flip flop hub so you can run it in fixed or freewheel mode.Dsc_0008 Recommended retail price in the UK will be £469.00 and they will be available later in the year. "

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Charge Plug