Cedric Gracia announced earlier about his plans to form his own team for 2010 the "CG Racing Brigade"

At the moment it looks like  Gracia is the only rider on the team and will be racing DH and 4x.

Bike choice hasn't been decided yet, but there's a lot of e-speculation around the forums.

Cedric Gracia


Cedric Gracia

Will the team be riding the full World Cup series?

Yes we will of course if we got the full budget to be competitive enough in the best condition !

What bikes will you be riding next year?

I can not say it’s so far : )

Will you be racing too? DH and 4x?

I will be the only one this year ! If we get a good budget I will take somebody else as well .

Can you tell us who  is on your team?

I will have a mechanic, a photographer full time , and a team manager.

What is the latest with your knee injury?

I am much better now , I am glad I have good people around me , and I am glad I am still hungry of glory and victory : )

What happened with Commencal, can you tell us the full story?

I think it as time to leave I had diferent goal and I wanted to give back to the fan’s and the sponsors what they been giving to me for so long ! I wanted to make my own structure this year ! why ? because I think it’s a good time to give all I know to the future riders of the Brigade : ) I think I can make a good team with a good crew ! I will start this year with myself , a photographer full time , a team manager , and a mechanic ! Why the photographer ? Because I think it’s important to shoot as much as we can for the sponsors ( life style , racing , freeride …….)

Well I think I have some good ideas about how to make my team special : )

Be carefull the BRIGADE is coming in 2010 with an all different spirit about racing around the world !

Best regards.