This weekend saw Glencoe host the Scottish Championships. After a lovely sunny dusty Saturday it looked like the heavens opened on raceday, this didn't seem to bother Ben Cathro who took the Senior title ahead of Joe Barnes and Chris Hutchens. That's an Orange top three isn't it?

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Good news bad news for Ben Cathro: Good news is that he is the 2009 Scottish Champion, bad news is that according to FaceTube he is now single. Come on ladies how could you refuse a Boston Tiger like this?

Senior Men

1-Ben Cathro (2:49.933)

2-Joe Barnes (2:51.892

3-Chris Hutchens (2:53.547)


1-Jaymie Mart (4:41.035)

2-Bex Reilly (4:43.471)


1-George Gannicott (3:24.806

2-Ross Wilcox (3:30.711)

3-Stuart Wilcox (3:36.624)


1-Lewis Buchanan (2:57.655

2-Fraser McGlone (2:58.498)

3-Daniel Carrigan (3:11.075)


1-James Scott (3:01.957)

2-Arran Gannicott (3:02.220)

3-Willem Herd (3:19.482)


1-Alastair Maclennan (3:13.966)

2-Neil Wilson (3:14.856)

3-Stevie Boyd (3:23.174)


1-Phil Mowat (3:31.937)

2-Chris Coates (3:34.883)

3- John Young (3:38.986)

ben cathro wins the scottish championships 2009