On a cold Saturday morning a small group of the country's finest dirt jumpers gathered under the watchful eye of World Cup Downhill racer Brendan Fairclough to take part in the inaugural Woburn Sands Session.

Photo: Szymon Nieborak

Tasked to produce three separate edits from what has become one of the country's premier riding spots, we hooked up with filmmakers from the worlds of motocross, skating and mountain biking. Complete with Canon's HF M406 camera, the guys had just a few short hours on a cold Saturday afternoon to put together what you see below.

Let us know which edit is your favourite by clicking through to the Canon Woburn Sessions Comp page and be in with a chance to win your very own Canon Legria camera.

Big thanks to everyone who helped pull this together in just four days, you are: Jono, Matt, Dan, Pat, Brendan, Sam, Ollie, Seb, Szymon, Will, Chewy and Gepard. Thanks also to Woburn's loyal band of locals including Liam Munn and Phil Martin for their comedy banter.

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Woburn Sands Sessions: Jono, Sam and Dan

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Woburn Sands Sessions: Matt and Pat

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Woburn Sands Sessions: Seb, Ollie and Sam