Julien Camellini wins in Southern heat.

Sainte Maxime, located nest to ST Tropez, was the opening round of the French South East regional championship. The turn out was good with many elite riders wanting to race their new bikes and prepare for the up coming season. Due to high winds, they shortened the course on Saturday and on Sunday, the organisers decided to start the race another 200 meters down.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

The top of the track was flat between pine trees and the only real difficulty was a huge step down - last section was a canyon and big berms. Track was very physical with quite a few pedal sections.

The French format is to run two races, and take the best time from the two. This allows riders to see how they are doing after the first run. With the first run being won by the local rider Aurélien Giordanengo (17th in Maribor last season)in 2'51''80, 2nd was our very own Julien Camellini in 2'51'97 on his newly delivered Chain Reaction Cycles/Intense M6 and third was Fabien Barel in 2'54''72 - the second run was going to be a real battle for the victory.

Fabien Barel had a strong run which put him in the hot seat with a 2'51'43. Julien was the next up and managed to beat Fabien's time by 0.49 in 2'50'94. Last rider was Giordanengo who didn't manage to improve his first run time with a 2'52''49.

Julien said:

"After the first run I knew I was on the pace and could make it. After only four practice days on the CRC/Intense M6 it's very positive to have such a good results. I feel very confident on the bike and with some work on it the team will be very competitive. Now I'm going to keep on training to prepare the first big events. I'm very happy for the team and all the sponsors to bring them my first victory this season".


1 5 ELITE (1) Homme L 0898022081 CAMELINI Julien CHAIN REACTION CYCLES/INTENSE 2:51.97 2:50.94 2:50.94

2 1 ELITE (2) Homme L 0806071008 BAREL Fabien TEAM SUBARU MOUTAIN BIKE 2:54.72 2:51.43 2:51.43 0.49

3 7 SH (1) Homme L 0883073236 GIORDANENGO Aurelien TEAM AYTON GIANT 2:51.80 2:52.49 2:51.80 0.86

4 2 ELITE (3) Homme L 2473342035 SPAGNOLO Damien TEAM SUBARU MOUTAIN BIKE 2:55.98 2:55.30 2:55.30 4.36

5 94 JH (1) Homme L0883051040 JUILLARD Valentin TEAM RIDE SUNN 2:58.23 2:55.93 2:55.93 4.99

6 9 SH (2) Homme L 0883102076 LEROY Quetin FREJUS ROC D AZUR 3:03.40 2:59.46 2:59.46 8.52

7 8 SH (3) Homme L 1588170083 REMY Maxime TEAM RIDE SUNN 3:03.60 3:00.03 3:00.03 9.09

8 96 JH (2) Homme L 1330018177 DELENTE Arnaud TEAM EGO BIKE CALVISSON 3:07.54 3:03.77 3:03.77 12.83

9 10 SH (4) Homme L 0806091124 GALLEAN Mathieu U S CAGNES 3:04.03 3:04.03 13.09

10 93 JH (3) Homme L 1588109064 THIRION Remi TEAM RIDE SUNN 3:07.88 3:04.94 3:04.94 14.00