Public service information announcement from Chris Roberts about the Caersws Cup.

Chris Roberts announcing the cancellation of the race.

I am sorry to inform you but we have had to cancel this weekends Caersws Cup due to lack of entries.

I think the reason for the lack of entries is due to BDS and Pearce races all filling up and riders are just short of money to pay for another race in March.


This is very disappointing to have to cancel the race but we would have been over £8000 short of covering the costs so it has left us with no other option of cancelling the race. This is great shame as we were really looking forward to racing this weekend but without 150 plus entries we would not have enough money to pay for the Uplift, Medics, Venue Hire, Toilets, Etc Etc.

Everyone who has entered via the British Cycling website has been emailed and will receive a full refund of your entry.

We plan to run the other two races in August & October.

For these races we will award points for both race runs and also run a slalom race on Saturday night in the bottom field free for everyone who has entered.

If you could pass the news on to other riders to avoid anyone turning up on the day.

Thank You.

Best Regards