Caerphilly Police have taken to Twitter to warn riders of trail sabotage in the area.

They have posted a picture of a wooden board with nails that appears to have been embedded in the middle of the trail. They said: "Report of traps being placed on the bike/horse/walking tracks on Caerphilly Mountain. Any info or sightings please ring 101"

Last September, former MP Ron Davies was suspected of sabotaging in the same area, but that incident only involved moving branches. This case is far more serious.

We're sure we don't need to reiterate the seriousness of this, it could definitely kill someone if they came off and hit it awkwardly.

Gwent Police: “It has been brought to Gwent Police’s attention that a suspicious item, possible a cycle trap has been located on Caerphilly Mountain today (19/01/17). The item was located on one of a number of bike/walking/horse tracks that pass through the forestry area.

“The suspicious item appeared to be a long block of wood with a number of nails pointing upwards out of it. The item had been placed on a muddy section of the path and was very difficult to spot.

“If you are in the area and do come across any further items can you please report this on the 101 number. If safe to do so, and only if safe please remove the item and if possible take it to Bedwas Police Station located on Church Street.

“If anyone has any information in relation to this incident please ring 101 or contact the Caerphilly Team via email at"