You've been telling us for ages that you want to buy Dirt t-shirts. So we've done the honourable thing and opened up a shop. Only this one is on the internet super highway not next to the supermarket on the high street.

The t-shirts are a bargain, £12.99 with free P&P in the UK. We're looking at international shipping soon too.

Now, Maureen who is behind the counter tells me that although there are only two designs to choose from at the moment (the "Est" and the "Logos") there will be some brand spanking new editions coming soon. Our new magazine designer, Chris, has been busy on the sketch pad and loom creating some "real natty threads".

It's early days but who knows, hoodies, beanies, socks and underpants could be on the shelves soon too!

Hit up the Dirt Store for a browse.

You'll find the size guide has "width", simply double the "width" to find your "chest" size.

An artists impression of what the Dirt shop might look like. I say artist. What I meant really was bodger.