News just in on Bryn's Twitter.

"Just won Newtons, $2060.. Cory, Hill, yrttiaho, Rhys, Kovarik, Boyer.. Not a bad day rate!"

Sounds like it was a wet and muddy finals, Justin Havukainen makes a return to DH racing, is that Bryn's brother in 5th? More news when we get it.

Results are:

1. Bryn Atkinson 1:22.89

2. Ben Cory 1:23.68

3. Sam Hill 1:25.38

4.Brandon Yrttiaho (Under 19) 1:26.02

5. Rhys Akinson 1:27.31

6. Chris Kovarik 1:28.12

7. Rick Boyer 1:28.38

8. Phillip Piazza (Under 19 men) 1:30.61

9. Bruce Moir 1:30.67

10. Jack Moir (Under 19 men) 1:31.34

14. Nathan Rennie 1:32.58

26. Justin Havukainen 1:36.73

Jill Kintner won the womens race in 1:37.89 nearly a minute faster than Joanne Fox making it a clean sweep for Transition.

Full results on


Photo from FaceBook.


Jill Kintner.

Photo from Facebook.


Jill washing the Tr450s and kit.

NEWTONS NATION DH SEEDING from BrynAtkinson on Vimeo.

Here's the seeding video from www.Jill

If you're wondering what Newton's Nation is it sounds a bit like our NASS festival.

"This unique event will take place at Bathurst's Mount Panorama. The inaugural Newton's Nation (formerly Newton's Playground) will welcome over 5,000 revelers on to the mountain and play host to three days and two nights of world class gravity and action sports, featuring competitors from across the globe – all to the tune of some of the best bands and DJ's in the country."


I think they call this "Downhill skate boarding" you can get up to 90kmh on these babies, check out the story of these lads who got knicked by the rozzers.