Well here is the news. It seems that he had a major crash in the notorious rock garden section of the track. Here’s what team manager Kathy Sessler had to say:

“Josh was pinning it into the rock garden and we witnessed his crash on the live TV, it spat him into the air, superman style, pummelling him into the stumps at the bottom. Cedric Gracia describes it saying, ‘He was four metres high, and flew so far, he was going so fast. He slammed into the ground, I can’t believe he didn’t die’. After a few minutes we could see on the big screen Josh walking away from the crash…but his injuries weren’t apparent right away. In the meantime, Bryceland was met at First Aid by his mum, Luisa. On radio contact she reported that it appeared that he was badly bruised, had a chipped tooth and was OK. Yet as they were leaving the tent he became nauseous, and his smashed up helmet was clear evidence of a concussion. He was then taken to the hospital for observation and it was revealed that he suffered a leg injury, which at this time appears to be a quad muscle torn from the bone. He will be flying home to the UK to have surgery to repair the damage.”

We wish you a speedy recovery Josh.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

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