Some sad news for the domestic enduro scene today as it has been announced the 2017 British Enduro Series has been cancelled.

The loss of key sponsors, low rider numbers and Brexit have been blamed for the cancellation. The series also lost a lot of money last year which led to a difficult period in organiser Si Paton's personal life. All these factors combined have led to him deciding to cancel the series next year.

This currently leaves Britain with no national enduro series after the UK Enduro Series closed its doors last year. The series attracted world class riders such as Jerome Clementz and Tracy Moseley, but unfortunately the punters weren't as convinced - only 120 signed up to Afan last year.

With two rounds to go and 1000 points still up for grabs the battle in the top five in the overall will be intense with less than 400 points separating the riders. Jerome Clementz is sitting in 4th at the moment and will be on it to climb a bit higher thi

There's no word on whether the BES will be back up and running next year but we're sure everyone will agree that Si's personal life and finances have to come first.

Anyone who is entered will be refunded in full.


"It is with great regret to inform you that the 2017 BES is to be cancelled due to a number of factors.

"The series was a great success in many ways, riders benefited from; Live Timing, £7k cash in prize money, Free Race Support from Shimano, SRAM, Hope Technology, Crankbrothers, onsite retailer Tred-Shop and GT85 with their Bike Wash, Air Hoses and Lube Station and a large media presence.

"The downfall was the number of riders entering, as low as 120 at Afan round three. We appreciate the series was diluted with UK Enduro taking a slice of the riders and when that folded we offered all of their riders a free entry to the BES but even that never really worked.

"We were all geared up for a successful 2017 season but with the recent loss of a few key sponsors that we have been unable to replace (Brexit is hitting the marketing budgets hard) and very low rider entry numbers to date. Then note the series unfortunately lost a lot of money last year and the time constraints involved in the running of the series. The stress and pressure that has delivered as you can imagine has sent my personal family life beyond breaking point, which I need to fix being the father of two young children.

"It was a real pleasure to meet all of the riders last year at the events and I am deeply saddened that I have failed to deliver to you. I would like to highlight the work done by the British Enduro Series team and marshals that delivered last season. Their commitment, hard work and unwavering attention to detail, allowed us to safely and successfully deliver the events.

"All riders currently entered will be refunded in full including the online booking fees. Active Network the online payment company will refund everyone directly for both the race fee and booking fee in two separate transactions. Anyone who took out Booking Protect will also be refunded in full. Please note this will take several days to be completed."