As surely as the sun rises in the east, you know that wherever you hold Red Bull Rampage, Brendan Fairclough will find a canyon and he will build a gap across it.

This year we're at a totally new venue but true to form Brendawg has already scoped out his showstopper gap and here's a first look at it.

Olly Wilkins posted on Instagram: "Here's the view from a new landing I built. The distance to the takeoff seems excessive. Each to their own hey?"

It's tough to tell from one phone snap, but it look to be a pretty huge huck to us, although the run in doesn't look as sketchy as previous years and let's hope the roll out is kinder for Brendan too. Canyon Gaps have taken Brendan to eighth place for the past three years, will this one be able to elevate him further up the rankings?

Here are two examples of previous Canyon Gaps Brendan has hit at Rampage to get you in the mood for this year's event.



We'll update you as soon as we get some more pictures of Brendan's new gap.