Brendan Fairclough has confirmed he will be pulling out of the 2016 Red Bull Rampage following a crash in training.

Fairclough was testing his fifty foot Canyon Gap when he came up a little short and went over the bars.

Brendan wrote on Instagram: "Jumped 49'of 50 feet yesterday and it sucked! Rampage is no joke, not looking good for today's final. Both thumbs are elbow are banged up, X-ray after finals. Sorry to let you guys down, il be back!!"

It's unfortunate we won't get to see Brendan's full run, but understandable - you don't want to be hitting these lines unless you're feeling 100 per cent. We're sending out healing vibes to Brendog and hope he has a successful off season before returning to racing next year. We're sure he'll be back next year to take on the Utah cliffs again.

Britain's hopes now rest on Sam Reynolds for the main event.