Bolehills is a BMX track in Sheffield which is currently celebrating its 30th year of existence. Its familiar to riders of all types from across the city but the other morning we got to see it from a different angle.

I got a text from one of my favorite ToGs, Dirt contributor, Rich Baybutt at 8:30 on a monday evening saying:

You free tomorrow morning at 7? Something super exciting...

To which the only response was:

For you, I can be. Where do you want me?

The arrangments were:

Natwest at hunters bar 7am ready to ride BH... with a twist! Baker is meeting us too.

Baker is Martin Baker: uphill mates racing specialist and GoPro mount design colluder. Bakes has some very handy mates, in the form of André Ferreira. When we met a Bolehills it turns out that André runs VuAir a company specializing in aerial videography and he'd brought along his QuadCopter and GoPro. Wow! André had never shot bikes before but was very keen to expand his portfolio and we were the Guinea pigs.

It was a beautiful Autumn morning and the results speak for themselves other than to say that Baybutt is the only one with Talent on a bike which becomes very clear, very quickly.

Bolehills forever. Massive thanks to Andre and Martin.

Baybutt, Clicked
Baybutt, Clicked