It was a touch snowy in Wales today so I've been a bit late on the news hounding...anyway I got this Olympic BMX news in my inbox this afternoon.

Apparently "It's very strongly rumoured that 'park' BMX, or freestyle, will be introduced before the 2012 Olympics". Bike Biz have the full story.

Will over at DigBMX pointed me to a quote on FatBMX that said:

"The biggest news this week that BMX Freestyle is part of the 2012 Olympic Games has not been confirmed. Yes, there are plans and yes an application was sent to the IOC but no, it has not been added to the London Games yet. Until we hear something official from either the IOC/UCI/IBMXFF, we'll leave this matter untouched before misconceptions are made. Not everything you can read on the internet is true."

So there you go it's still a rumour and not yet official.

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