I've just been in the big smoke, London town, helping Big Mike finish off Dirt 75 and one thing we noticed was the sheer number of single speed bikes knocking around. It looks like it's the must have fashion accessory of the year, though it seems bloody scary riding them around London. So, I just get back to the office and Ged from BMW (read his story in Dirt 74) mails me to say that US superstar Kanye West has just ordered one. If any body has a picture of a World Cup downhiller riding one then let me know.

Here's what Ged had to say:

A yo..... ok, so this mofo ain't strictly dirt but it's still f'kin fly as fuck.

Mr. Kanye 'superstar' West has a new toy......

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

BMW Gangsta track bike, special 'glow in the dark' paintjob.

I just been out in NYC over the weekend and riding one of these brakeless things round the city at night is a trip, with taxis and cars buzzin about and peeps steppin' out from everywhere it was like flying a jet in Vietnam man, there's more pot holes in New York fuckin' City than the Ho-Chi-Min trail.



BMW Gangsta track bike