News of another enduro series in France run by Jérôme Clementz & Bluegrass.

For the 2012 Bluegrass Enduro Tour we've put together four great stages in the East of France.

The location of the four stages:

All four stages of the Bluegrass Enduro Tour are organised in the north-east of France, next to the border with Germany and Switzerland.

April 1st: Wissembourg

May 8th: Ste Marie aux Mines

September 9th: Dabo

September 23rd: Mont Vaudois.

Race registration opens on 1st Feb.

There are two low cost airports that will bring you close to the Bluegrass Enduro Tour region. Ryan Air flies to Karlsruhe-Baden (Germany) and Easyjet to Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg (Switzerland).

Proudly brought to you by Jérôme Clementz & Bluegrass

Just as before you'll have fun with your mates and compete hard along great tracks. Expect great riding, great organisation, great atmosphere, great food, and last but not least great stories to tell your mates back home. Some of the world's best enduro riders race the Bluegrass Enduro Tour, including the 2012 Megavalanche winner Rémy Absalon; More Mountain Biking Videos