We all know the format for enduro races. You turn up, practice for a bit, then race. Well this one isn't the usual format - you don't get the practice bit. A test of your ability to push it on an unknown track rather than to learn the track before pushing it, this sounds like a recipe for a great race - and possibly a few good crashes. Here's what the organisers have to say:

Bluegrass Enduro Tour: Entries open January 20th

Entries for the 2015 The Bluegrass Enduro Tour open on Tuesday 20th January. Be sure to get in quickly to avoid disappointment.

The world’s only international ‘blind racing’ series, the Bluegrass Enduro Tour is real challenge for any rider. With no practice or opportunity to walk the course, the Bluegrass Enduro tour takes the discipline back to its grass roots allowing riders to put their skills and intuition to the ultimate test. 

With outstanding locations, incredibly hospitality such as local cuisine served in a Swiss castle, the Bluegrass Enduro Tour’s epic four-race line up is a must for all enduro riders’ calendars. From big mountain terrain in the Pyrenees and the Jura to the legendary grand finale in Sicily, you're sure of a good time!


Dates and info:


09 May

Glencoe - Scotland - UK

The UK’s only race using gondolas, with a ‘mass start’ for the final stage adding an extra challenge for those determined to podium.

 For an idea of what to expect, check out our video from Glencoe’s 2014 stage of the Bluegrass Enduro Tour.


13/14 June

Vallée d'Aure - Pyrenees – France

An incredible new location for the Bluegrass Enduro Tour, the Vallée d'Aure in the French Pyrenees will see tough racing on high mountain terrain.


19/20 September

Delémont - Jura – Switzerland

A challenging two-day race with a twist, our new event in Switzerland will see riders exploring the stunning Jura Mountains.  A country style meal served in a castle should keep you entertained in the evening and you’ll be sleeping on beds of straw for a unique and picturesque Enduro experience. 


17/18 October

Castelbuono - Sicily – Italy

The now legendary grand finale of the Bluegrass Enduro Tour and the only international Enduro race in Siciliy, Castelbuono is an absolute treat. Enjoy Italian hospitality, warm weather and some of the best trails in Europe.


Watch our video from this stunning location on the Mediterranean Sea.